Climate Change and Mining: Challenges for Sustainable Adaptation

“Climate Change and Mining: Challenges for Sustainable Adaptation”

The recent high temperatures that have affected various regions of the country, coupled with extreme events such as torrential rains, storm surges, and increasingly frequent droughts, are unequivocal indicators of the growing impact of climate change on our daily lives and on various activities, including mining.

In a recent seminar organized by GEM and Cesco, Juan Ignacio Guzmán, CEO of GEM, emphasized the importance of thoroughly and comprehensively addressing the implications of climate change, not only from an environmental perspective but also from the standpoint of mining operations and their value chain.

Although much has been said about the crucial role of the industry in providing critical minerals for decarbonization, as well as the actions that mining companies are taking to mitigate environmental impacts, Guzmán underscores another crucial aspect: the direct effects that these climate events can have on mining operations and their value chain.

Adapting to this new environment involves not only the implementation of more sustainable technologies but also the review of risk management strategies and investment in resilient infrastructure. Guzmán emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach that considers both environmental impacts and operational implications, highlighting the importance of resilience in the long-term planning of the mining industry.

At a time when sustainability and environmental responsibility are unavoidable imperatives, Guzmán’s vision underscores the need for proactive adaptation to ensure the viability and positive contribution of mining in a context of accelerated climate change. By facing these challenges with determination, the mining industry not only ensures its own survival but also contributes to the sustainable development of society as a whole.

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