José Joaquín Jara, academic at Universidad Católica de Chile: “DeepMine is the way forward for mine planning”.

In 2022, GEM Mining Consulting signed an agreement with the PUC Mining Engineering Department to promote the use of DeepMine software by its students.

At the end of the 2022 academic year, we met with Professor José Joaquín Jara, to hear about his experience with the use of this unique tool developed by GEM for the planning, optimization and sequencing of resource extraction in open-pit mines.

“I think mining is becoming more and more demanding, more and more complex. And from that point of view, the advantage of this software – and in line with what mining planning should be – is precisely to be able to evaluate scenarios, uncertainties within the planning, and to be able to make robust plans in the face of those uncertainties”, says the professor, who adds that it is a “big step” towards the future: “DeepMine is the path towards which mining planning should go”.

Check out an excerpt of the interview in the following video:

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