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Economic Evaluation of Mining Projects

Introduce the basics of economic and financial evaluation of projects, along with their specific application to mining projects.

Risk Analysis of Mine Plans

Present the theory associated to risk analysis and its application to mine planning and economic evaluation of mine plans.

Real Options for Evaluation of Mining Projects

Introduce the technique of project evaluation known as Real Options and understand its application to mining projects.

Strategic Mine Planning Using Deepmine

Present the problems faced by the strategic mine planning for open pit operations along with understanding its implications for the economic exploitation of these deposits.

Mineral Economics

Develop the main themes related with mineral economics, along with the conceptual frame that permits the complete characterization of the commodity minerals markets.

Mining Economics

Introduce the basics of the problem of optimal intertemporal exploitation of mineral resources in a deterministic context.

Analytica Applied to the Mining Industry

Introduce in a conceptual level the main topics and applications of Data Science and Machine Learning in the mining industry.

Models for Valorization and Planification of Actives

GEM uses computational tools specifically developed for the mining operation, this service makes it possible to capture the transformation processes at a technical and economical level. Through these tools it is possible to dynamically evaluate the productive and economical goals, identify the main risks and options and develop management plans for upgrading these indicators. Along with this, the models enhance the possibility of integrating the productive areas associated to services in the mining deposits.

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