GEM is a leading company in terms of development of economic investigations of mineral markets and suppliers in the mining industry. These investigations take into account the main characteristics of mineral markets, considering a rigorous economical basis. Our focus is to provide our clients with robust and unbiased information about the future.


Our market and commodities reports clearly expose the potential development of future markets. The supply, demand and prices are all examined from a robust economical perspective and the ultimate advances in economic theory are included. Additionally, these reports include a strategic component which is carefully developed for the specific client in response to its requirements. With this work, our clients are able to know the most relevant drivers for the market as they obtain additional information specially structured for ease their decisions.


The benchmarking analysis improves the decision-making process of our clients as it establishes a comparative base that eases positioning the operation or project in the place it occupies in the corresponding industry. This enhances the management of gaps and supports a clear goal setting for the organization. Our studies consider a deep analysis of the corresponding industry, through a research that offers concrete and reliable results. GEM has developed benchmarking analysis in terms of costs, productivity, CAPEX, remunerations and mine planning.


GEM has developed market models based on investigations on industrial organization and econometrics. These models aim to predict the market response (supply, demand, prices, etc.) to macroeconomic changes. The obtained predictions make it possible for our clients to improve their forecasting base for decision-making and sensibilizing the decisions regarding different business scenarios.


The most important Economic projects developed by GEM are:

  • Econometric analysis and productivity forecasts, operation costs and investment decisions for different commodity industries.
  • Market reports about labor productivity in the mining markets of Chile, Peru and Brazil for a relevant international company.
  • Market reports for various non-metallic commodities for an important company located in South America.
  • Market reports for copper, developed for one of the biggest productive companies in the world.
  • Market report for lithium, including economic and market considerations, along with strategic decisions for the industry.
  • Short, medium and long-term prices forecasting for various mineral commodities.
  • Development of a market model based on the industrial organization of the client, for determining the effective income of royalties for the State. These incomes were estimated considering two strategies of the company: (1) Being a market leader and (2) being a follower. Through this analysis it was proved that the market strategy of the company was not only the best for them, but also for the State.
  • Construction of supply models (considering costs, productivity, capacities, etc.) for the copper industry in Chile along the period 2014-2025. Through this model our client was able to improve its price estimation of copper in the long-term and understand its effects.
  • Determining the cyclic and structural factors influencing the markets of copper, iron, bauxite and carbon in a world scale level. This study aimed to explain the cost increase in the period 2003-2012 and discussed the future possible increase reversal in these commodities’ prices.
  • Studies in benchmarking for copper, gold, iron and lithium projects in different engineering stages.
  • Determining the market power of the foundry and refinery industries of copper in China.
  • Study for implementing lithium contracts in the stock exchange for assessing one of the main lithium producers.
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