GEM develops cutting-edge services for the mining industry which are aligned with the complexities of the decision-making process in certain and uncertain scenarios.

We offer services that are related with deterministic and stochastic optimization for the areas of geology, maintenance, as well as and mine and plant operations. With this analysis we determine the optimal conditions for assessing geological, operational and investment estimations. Our work is framed in an integral point of view that enhances the maximization of the decision-making value of our clients.


Through this methodology we determine for both deterministic and stochastic conditions, the optimal maintenance strategy for the different equipment fleets in the operation. The result is aimed to understand the best way for administrating the actives of the operation for controlling critical variables that could affect the mine plan (such as availability, utilization, and performance). Through this analysis the optimal interval of maintenance can be determined as a way of assuring the production plan compliance and developing an adequate management of the different actives in the operation.


This service is aimed to determine which should be the rules for enabling the compliance of technical and economical requirements in the operations. This procedure considers a deterministic and stochastic point of view and is aligned in an integral mine-plant conceptualization. Through the implementation of this analysis the optimal fleet number in each phase, along with the optimal production rate for every commodity can be assessed depending on the needs of every client.


In the process of reserves and resources estimation a main objective is determining the optimal probing mesh for minimizing the total costs (including campaign, probing and error associated costs). This service considers the identification and quantification of the main present value opportunities in processes of reserves and resources estimation. For achieving this purpose GEM applies an integrated methodology that considers the areas of geology, metallurgy, mine planning and economic evaluation. This results in a novel approximation that makes it possible to define optimal meshes, value the blocks considering their full economic value, calculate the risk or variability associated to the ore grade of the deposit (through conditional simulation) and determining a mine plan considering a dynamic response on the technical and economic conditions along with uncertainties related with the block model.


The most important Optimization projects developed by GEM are:

  • Identifying the valuable opportunities in the reserves and resources estimation for a non-metallic mining operation.
  • Optimizing the loading fleets for one of the biggest copper companies in the world.
  • Developing a maintenance model for the key truck parts for one of the biggest copper mining companies in the world.
  • Developing an optimization model of the use of mining concessions for one of Chile’s biggest mining company.
Optimización de Procesos