We invite you to know in detail each one of our areas


We are specialists in the development of technical-economic evaluations of mining plans, using cutting-edge tools and technology.
These evaluations allow us to improve the analysis capacity and decision making of our clients, and to capture the value that traditional techniques are not able to identify.


We are a referent for the industry in the development of strategic solutions applied to different mining areas, with the aim of improving our clients’ decision-making, and supporting them in obtaining their maximum potential.


We have extensive experience in the development of economic studies of mineral markets, which makes us a leading company in this field. These studies take into consideration the mineral market’s characteristics, with rigorous economic fundamentals, in order to provide robust and unbiased information regarding the future.


We develop cutting-edge services and solutions for the industry, aligned with the complexities involved in making decisions in contexts with and without uncertainty.
We provide services related to deterministic and scholastic optimization, in the areas of geology, maintenance, mining and plant operations, among others.


We train and teach professionals and work teams in different areas of interest, providing knowledge, skills and competence in subjects such as geology, metallurgy, planning, economics, project evaluation and finance.


The mining industry is frequently faced with solving complex problems. Predictive learning and analytics are essential tools for this.
We develop numerical models to support the needs of our clients in order to have an advantage in decision-making and productivity.
We have different models in the areas of evaluation, optimization and simulation.